uses camera sensors to track shoppers, merges this information with sales data, and continuously measures the entire sales pipeline, letting everyone in your organization understand your stores and your customers.

Change. Draw Conclusions. Continuously Improve.

MEASURING THE EFFECTS OF CHANGES is tricky. Looking at just the revenue or the number of visitors can be misleading. Newer, better metrics are needed. Thanks to Aleph.Vision™, any change made in your stores (window display, merchandising, marketing, staffing, procedures) can now be quantified and measured.

SALES PIPELINE begins outside the store, in the shopping mall corridor, continuing inside, until a transaction is made. Tracking customer flow through the entire pipeline produces a range of meaningful metrics, such as revenue per person seen in the corridor. Normalized metrics allow for comparing stores to each other.

MEANINGFUL CONCLUSIONS require good metrics. Did the revenue increase because of improved product display, or because there were more people in the shopping mall? External factors cannot be fully eliminated, but they can at least be reduced when good metrics are used.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is the key to competing in the retail business. Small changes accumulate: even minor optimizations and eliminating bad decisions can lead to significant revenue increases in the long term. Especially when measuring tools are accessible to everyone and used every day.

Aleph.Vision™ enables data-driven commerce.