Digital development with no constraints

Custom online solutions tailored to your business needs.

Improve store performance with Retailic Sales Intelligence

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Do not fear IT projects. Build web solutions that allow you to pursue online business vision.

Get things done, on schedule, without constant supervision and traditional IT constraints.

Work with us, rely on us. Get custom systems that work reliably, in a predictable manner.

TRULY AGILE APPROACHProven. Efficient. Successful.

COMPETENT TEAMWe work for leaders.

END-TO-END SERVICECode. Hosting. Support.

TRANSPARENT PRICINGPay for what you get.


Get things done on schedule.


Minimize the number of bugs and avoid similar mistakes in the future.


When mistakes happen, we admit to making them. You always get the truth.


Our systems are built to evolve, so changes cause fewer problems than in traditional systems.

Active Problem Resolution

We hate finger-pointing, which often happens when several companies are involved. We always progress towards your goals actively resolving issues.

Clear Responsibilities

We can take direct responsibility for complete IT solutions, including hosting, infrastructure, systems administration, and monitoring. This means no more finger-pointing and blaming.

Long-term Relationships

Our business is all about long-term relationships with customers. We build large systems, and work with our customers for years to develop and extend their solutions.


We combine modern tools with proven solutions, using a range of technologies like Java JVM, Clojure, Ruby, ClojureScript, Zookeeper, Kafka, Storm, PostgreSQL, React, Angular.js and others.


We are really good in building complex custom online solutions with long-term development and maintenance (Ecommerce, Omnichannel), that require integration between many different systems and cooperation between a number of companies.


We are not after quick one-time deals. Our competitive advantages are all long-term – we work towards a mutually-beneficial relationship where you get your online systems delivered, maintained and extended safely and predictably.


How we support our clients.

Ask our clients

Here is what our customers say about us
  • Customer Testimonails

    Retailic has been supporting PAYBACK development on the internet for many years now, delivering fast and stable solutions, with cooperation based on trust.

    PIOTR AWDZIEWICZ Board member, IT & Product Development Director PAYBACK Polska | American Express Group
  • Customer Testimonails

    We've been working with Retailic for almost 6 years now. They significantly improved our frontend and customer experience. They also provided us with efficient e-commerce tools that help us delivering additional shopping comfort to our customers.

    GRZEGORZ BIELECKI Chief Operating Officer Frisco S.A. (
  • Customer Testimonails

    Professional working relationship in every way possible. Not just because of high programming skills, but also because of culture and work atmosphere. Recommended.

    JAKUB MILEWSKI Ecommerce Director SHOWROOM
  • Customer Testimonails

    Retailic provides with a complete, high-quality solution that provides the operational and strategic advantage that we need to maintain our leading position in the industry.

    WOJCIECH LISICKI Vicepresident Action Games Lab S.A.
  • Customer Testimonails

    We specified desired system details and after two weeks we could offer its functionalities to our clients.

    MAC ZIELINSKI Chief Executive Officer
  • Customer Testimonails

    Retailic technologies allow us to save IT resources and accelerate online business development, both in the long term and in every day operation.

    KAMIL SZMYDT Chief Technology Officer