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Why ‘complete approach’

…is good for retailers?

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For most retailers technology is a constraint. As technology experts with global business background, we transform it into opportunity.

During last years, together with top shelf companies, we worked out a successfull method of building their digital existence. We develop flexible, consistent environment integrated with their backoffice and intelligence systems, which allows for a quick digital expansion along with business ideas. We take care about everything – hosting, integrations, maintenance, security, data flow and uptime of our clients’ online services, so they can focus entirely on improvement and real business challenges.

Is it secure? We are specialized in that type of services, so until you don’t have top-class IT staff, it is probably more secure making it with us, than inside the company.

Is it effective? Since 2010, none of our strategic clients quit our services and they grow every year, satisfied.

What is a success’ key? Transparent model of cooperation, open communication, understanding mutual priorities and responsibility and - of course - quality of systems we build, that fulfills clients’ expectations.

How about trying a small challenge?

Think ‘customer-driven’  

and grow along with the market.

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Retail market became customer-driven. When experience doesn’t match buyer’s preferences, he goes somewhere else. Selling tactics based on constant perfecting of product, service, purchase process etc. are the answer, but they are costly processes. Is it possible to automate such a constant improvement?

Yes, because nowadays computers can learn.

They collect and process data about customer’s habits, motivations, way of shopping, financial possibilities and more. With new analytics methods, they can tell which offer will sell to a specific person or what is the best upselling scenario.

Connection of machine learning software with information flowing from online and transactional systems allows proposing a personal offer to every customer. The more people buy, the more data are collected. With them computer knows customers’ preferences better. Matching offers turn into higher sales. In the same time, retail intelligence and data mining tools help managing staff to discover and implement new, better scenarios or tactics. On the end, the same solution works in traditional and digital world, delivering the perfect omnichannel experience.

The system evolves every day, matching up to the changing market requirements.