Omnichannel solutions

Leverage API driven systems to surpass competitors and grow faster.

Live Reporting Systems

 Monitor impact of business tactics with real-time management dashboards.

Data exploration

Discover valuable insights hidden in data streams and data warehouses.

R&D services

 Implement outstanding online tactics with tailor-made advanced solutions.


Competitive technologies

To fully leverage a data-based business approach, enterprises must secure relevant resources: scalable environment, working applications, IT and Data Analysis talent and day-to-day business management. We help to overcome those challenges through:

  • Building and maintaining flexible solutions that work.
  • Providing live reporting systems for management.
  • Turning data into valuable insights.
  • R&D service helping visionary leaders achieve their goals.
  • Continuous consulting and technical support.

Focusing on client’s success we take full responsibility for what we do.

  • Screenshot 2015-06-22 01.10.38Wojciech Lisicki – CEO at Gram.pl
    "–We are provided with a complete, high-quality service that gives us the operational and strategic advantage that we need to maintain our leading position in the industry."
  • grzegorz bielecki3Grzegorz Bielecki – COO at Frisco.pl
    " –New, flexible storefront and daily support of our online operations helps us to increase level of shopping comfort to our customers."



– 2010, Semantic/Instant Search

We built the first semantic search engine for e-commerce. We also pioneered instant search, half a year before Google introduced their version.  

– 2013, Real-Time Big Data

Typical Big Data solutions are too slow for “tomorrow’s companies”, so we designed and created Aleph – a data processing engine computing on huge streams of data in real time. Applications in banking, telecommunications and energy industry.

– 2014, Global Analytics

We’ve launched globally used analytics tools, allowing us to stay in touch with global commerce trends and deepen understanding of retailers’ needs in different markets.  

– 2015, API driven E-commerce

We built a modern, reactive, API driven storefront application. It works faster than popular platform solutions, enables quickly making operational changes and gives more intrachannel flexibility. We also started R&D services for truly innovative retailers. If you dare to compete with Amazon, we are on your side.



  • AlephVision reporting system

    Designed for medium and large enterprises, AlephVision merges data from multiple sources, accelerates the flow of data within the company, extracts actionable information, and provides an independent reporting path.

    AlephVision helps managers make informed decisions based on current information without the need to request and wait for reports.

  • Information available now

    There is a big difference between information existing in one of the systems and information being available now. “My ERP system could generate this if I requested a report from IT” is not the same as seeing up-to-date information at any time, 24/7, on your own screen, without asking anyone.

  • Data from multiple systems

    Modern enterprises deal with data stored in multiple systems. Merging data to produce useful information often involves manual work with spreadsheets. There are few tools that allow companies to codify these processes, and even fewer that are flexible enough to take input events from multiple sources and process them in real time.

  • Shorter information pipeline

    Existing data processing pipelines can often be made shorter, resulting in tremendous cost savings. Even approximate information is valuable if it can be produced quickly. Finding out that a remote exploration site is unprofitable two months faster than through the usual accounting channel can be worth millions in cost savings.

  • Lower decision risk

    Having up-to-date information helps mitigate risk in decision making. Knowing the current state, predicted future values and visual trends of key performance indicators provides additional certainty and lowers the risk of many decisions at every level within the enterprise.

“In god we trust, all others bring data.”

                                                                                          EDWARD DEMING


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