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"Retailic provides with a complete, high-quality solution that provides the operational and strategic advantage that we need to maintain our leading position in the industry."
Wojciech Lisicki, Chief Operating Officer -
"We’ve been working with Retailic for almost 4 years now. They helped us to deliver shopping comfort to our customers."
Grzegorz Bielecki, Chief Operating Officer -

Turn technology into opportunity

Build and develop efficient eCommerce channel. Adapt seamlessly to the market. Get the technology advantage and decrease costs of changes thanks to API-driven storefront, advanced search engine, recommendations, personalization algorithms and machine-learning optimization mechanisms. Integrate easily with third-party software like ERP, CRM, mobile applications or payment systems. Accelerate marketing activities and improve customer experience ideas keeping the maintenance costs under control.

"Retailic has been supporting PAYBACK development on the internet for many years now, delivering fast and stable solutions, with cooperation based on trust."
Piotr Awdziewicz, Board member, IT & Product Development Director
- PAYBACK Polska | American Express Group
"We specified desired system details and after two weeks we could offer its functionalities to our clients."
Mac Zielinski, Chief Executive Officer

Control entire digital channel easily

From website through mobile apps to multistore. From coding through hosting to daily support. Get all those things done. Our team of carefully chosen engineers - admins, devops, backend, frontend and mobile wizards - is ready to achieve your business goals. Take control on successful web development thanks to transparent workflow and fair risk sharing and management. Get quick, reliable support in situations requiring immediate response and win complete online solution with one company to call. We take responsibility. We talk to you. We deliver.

Know better. Evolve faster.

Aleph.Vision is a 3D camera-based business intelligence system for chain stores and shopping malls. It transforms video into accurate information about visitors' flow and customer behavior providing incontestable arguments in negotiatons or hints in facility management. Instant access to up-to-date numbers helps to quickly evaluate marketing activities and shorten time-to-market for new business ideas. Stereoscopic cameras ensure higher tolerance of variable lighting conditions and better recognition accuracy and can be placed at any angle, not just directly overhead a point of interest.

"Instead of pile of paper we got an easy to use interactive application allowing further data exploration."
Head of Customer Service - NDA
"Instead of pile of paper we got an easy to use interactive application allowing further data exploration."
Head of Customer Service - NDA

Turn data into valuable conclusions

We carry out loyalty program analyses allowing identification of hidden, specific groups of customers which can be addressed for sales and marketing actions. We take action on tasks related to the normalization of data, extraction of features, segmentation (clustering) of customers or shopping carts, analysis and determination of archetypes representing clients. Actionable results are presented as reports, recommendations or interactive applications enabling further, independent exploration by the client.

Case studies

Online store 8 times faster

Client: - leading e-grocery.

Problem: online store worked slowly, affecting orders amount and increasing users churn. Additionally, every action depended on actual processing capacity of IT department, slowing down business progress.

Challenges: To create new frontend, with advanced and quick user interface and easy implementation of changes, without hassling an IT department.

Approach: Audit indicated the change of approach as necessary, so we choose React.js, ClojureScript and DataScript for new application programming. Technology shift and fresh architectural assumptions let us shorten pages loading time from 8 to 1,5 of second and improve SEO effectiveness. Instant navigation speed was attained by use of Shopimate™ - ouwr own enterprise search and recommendation engine for eCommerce.

Outcome: In 14 weeks, old slow solution was replaced with ‘made from scratch’ light-speed frontend equipped with top class search and recommendation engine. Handy CMS let managers to have control over time and content of conducted marketing actions.

New CMS without downtime

Client: Payback - leading loyalty programme.

Problem: Merging three separate Content Management Systems of digital channel into one, integrated with transactional system developed abroad, in company's HQ. Previous solution didn't allow to serve a massive amount of new users, thus required also a new technology approach.

Challenges: To exchange multiple CMS solutions with one, demanding high scalability and based on new technology stack, with budget constraints and in changing environment.

Approach: Because of operation and budget limitations, it was not possible to build the whole solution at once. Thus the system was replaced part after part, during regular development works.

Outcome: Three separate CMS panels were merged into one, integrated with external transactional system. Direct costs took about 10% of relevant budget - in 90% it was covered by current development costs. Whole development and exchange were performed 'on-the-run', without any system downtime.

Exploratory analysis for over 200 product categories.

Client: Leading fashion retailer (NDA)

Problem: Indicate loyal customer segments suitable for marketing purposes.

Challenges: Normalization of annual raw transactional data, marking out meaningful customer segments and archetypes.

Approach: First, raw error-packed data fields were normalized and unified, reducing number of products and categories. Following attribute extraction reduced huge database into limited list of products according to analyzed attributes. Then customer archetypes and representations were designated and clustered into meaningful customer segments.

Outcome: In 14 days we presented juxtaposition of meaningful segments described with their financial value, demographic analysis, buyers preferences and archetypes together with methods of their identification. Individual customers ID got assigned to their relevant segments.

15.000 store owners with instant information on sales

Client: - sales platform for digital products

Problem: To provide 15,000 of stores hosted by Automater platform with quality information about online users behavior and sales value.

Challenges: Ensure continuous delivery of high accuracy data to significant amount of separate accounts in the same time in real time.

Approach: To achieve excellent data accuracy and real-time data processing we decided to connect JavaScript methods for data collection with our Retailic Business Intelligence platform elaborated with Apache Storm software. To send processed information we've designed an API sending an individual data to every Automater account, simultaneously.

Outcome: During 7 working days we have adjusted Retailic BI tool to client’s needs and delivered customized API allowing to present business information to thousands of stores in real time.

‘How customers decide?’ IVR graph analysis

Client: Telecommunication company (NDA)

Problem:Identification of IVR nodes where customers disconnect without achieving their goal. Identification of IVR structure changes results before and after modifications.

Challenges: Modeling of customer decision tree for actual IVR structure.

Approach: Complex nature of given IVR forced projecting its structure into a decision graph, instead of decision tree. After primary log data normalization an application was prepared containing any individual node traffic information and interactive, intuitive to use, configurable users journey graph.

Outcome: In 2 months we have prepared interactive application allowing managers to explore at ease decision graph of IVR callers.

Which campaigns bring the best customers?

Client: - marketing efficiency tool

Problem: To identify and show marketing campaigns generating the highest income and buyers acquisition rate on a platform used by over 150,000 entrepreneurs.

Challenges: To attribute online purchase to specific campaign, its source or type, identify user as a new or returning customer and display it on massive scale.

Approach: We elaborated user tracking method which connects parameters used in tagged URL of internet campaign with user visit in the store, his purchase time and value.

Outcome: In 2 months we have prepared online application fully tested and integrated with - leading platform for e-commerce.

We crave brains.

Join the team. Work remotely. Learn Clojure.

We hire

Frontend Developer

JavaScript, ClojureScript, React.js

Learning is a part of our job and we'll give you the tools and opportunities to develop yourself continuously. If you're open, eager to learn and curious about new technologies, you're probably well on your way to fit in the group.

Creating dynamic frontend applications.

- Good knowledge and experience working with fronted technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
- Knowledge of Angular JS framework,
- Knowledge of React.js would be valuable,
- Willingness to learn new tools and technologies,
- Good communication and interpersonal skills,
- A passion for programming,
- Have a focused, ambitious and solution driven approach.

Code quality is the most important. Showing us repository with nice code in ClojureScript using React.js and communicates with server through Sante, we hire immediately.

Our offer:
- You will become a part of a small but well organized, competent and stabile team,
- You will have a possibility to develop your skills and knowledge of modern technologies,
- You will have an opportunity to work with the same tools as Facebook and Instagram.

If you have self-discipline, there is no problem with remote working.

Want to join? Send resume and GitHub link to

Data Scientist

with programming skills

We are looking for Data Scientist (Analyst), who wants to build modern systems for business optimization.

What we do?
We offer business consulting based on the data. The result of our work are not only analyzes and studies, but productively implemented systems, operating on a regular basis. That's why we put emphasis on programming.
We mainly use Clojure, but we do not require it at the beginning: knowledge of any language function enables you to easily learn Clojure.

Each candidate have to know the basics of statistics, probability calculus and be able to program. A good candidate would also be able to, for example write a function to quickly edifying histogram of the data, Clojure, could explain what is it in "Latent Dirichlet Allocation" and how works (exactly) „multi-armed gaussian bandit." Perfect candidate also remade the course "Probabilistic Graphical Models" and is able to design, implement and test probabilistic models.

It would be welcome to have degree in Computer science, Mathematics or Physics (especially important is probability calculus) as well as knowledge of the various techniques of "Machine Learning”.

Our offer:
-You will have an opportunity to work on real business problems of our clients,
-You will become a part of a small but well organized, competent and stabile team,
-You will have a possibility to develop your skills and knowledge of modern technologies.

If you have self-discipline, there is no problem with remote working.

Interested? Send us your resume and GitHub link to:

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