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    Warsaw, Poland

    The competent partner

    If you are not a technical person, we will explain important points of the project in a clear, logical and comprehensive way. You will always get a a general view of technological and business background, possible risks and threats, critical analysis of the assumptions, information on trends and proposed methods of project delivery.

    Engines & Technologies

    Valuable intellectual property for your organization accumulates by developing your own technologies. They can be the result of a larger project, but they can also be the end goal. We will build it from scratch or combine from existing components, but whether it be a semantic engine, AI-based Business Intelligence or computer vision-based tracking software – we will provide top-class technologies that can be further used and developed to meet numerous business challenges.

    SaaS/PaaS Products

    If you’re planning a serious online business, it must be either Software- or Platform-as-a-Service. Reactive, personalized interfaces, online payments, automation processes and quick adaptation to ongoing changes and key decisions make this kind of applications the preferred solution and our favorite to design and develop. Take advantage of our 20+ years of experience and request an audit, MVP or complete product online.

    Electronics and IoT

    Take advantage of our experience in design and development of consumer and business electronics. From interactive LED systems and electronic glass to set-top boxes, embedded firmware for VOD systems, AVC decoder software for DSP processors and VOD middleware. We also designed and manufactured our own optical and radio sensors together with embedded and operational software for the entire IoT system, engine or products, considered by world consumer electronic leader as ‘best in category’.

    Digital solutions

    The fast-growing business requires uncompromising digital solutions from the very beginning. Efficiency, flexibility and scalability are equally important in the phase of finding the fit-to-market, as well as in the mature phase of going after trends. Both classic and mobile services require the possibility of introducing many quick modifications and changes every day, without downtime and interruptions in the system’s operation. If you want forget rigid ‘template’ solutions like Magento and find out the most flexible way to differentiate from competition, let us guide you through the rewarding world of digital solutions. With the new, informed approach, you will get more results on the same budget and deliver great outcomes every day.

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