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    Warsaw, Poland


    Learning is part of every job at Retailic, and you get the tools and opportunities to develop yourself continuously.

    If you are open-minded, balanced, responsible and curious about new technologies, then you're a good fit.

    Seeking a responsible, ambitious individuals with at least 2 years of programming experience and a solid grasp of software engineering principles. Strong math and physics skills, a scientific background, and a passion for continuous learning and perseverance are highly desirable.

    We seek responsible, professional team members with a drive for improvement and new ideas. Must write clear code and be proficient in a functional language (preferably Clojure), plus familiar with React, TypeScript, Docker, Python, etc. If you have no experience with functional languages, but really crave to start using them - you are also welcome.

    We're experts in pioneering digital concepts and technologies, we collaborate with innovative companies, universities, and R&D units to create impactful economic and social solutions. We primarily use Clojure, React, TypeScript but we select the best tools for each challenge, and are not limited to one tech stack.

    You'll join a supportive team of professionals focused on what really matters. We work in accordance with Collaborative R&D (cR&D) and Extreme Programming (XP) methodologies, where the priority is getting things done, quickly. But if you feel excited exploring or writing tech and research papers, you probably fit us even better.

    Engaged in R&D of online apps and advanced tech, learning, planning, programming, and coding for partners and internal projects. There is no middle management at Retailic, so you'l have direct impact on tech and project decisions but also responsibility for tasks and projects you take part in. Seeking independent, reliable team players for a dynamic R&D center.

    We work 100% remotely, requiring discipline and proven experience in remote work and communication. Fluency in English and Polish (at least B2/C1 level) is required.


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