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    Specify the challenge

    Here, we listen. What are your success metrics? What is the real purpose? Do you need an “online store” or “Internet sales capability”? Sure, that’s a huge difference. Let us understand who the stakeholders are, what the project benefits are, how the business concept works, what are the future steps, how do you plan to stay ahead of the competition, whether your company is able to implement the technology or maintain the solution. Thanks to structured mutual knowledge, we can work together as one great team.

    Time and budget

    We always deliver on time, according to the agreed road map. Prototypes and MVPs take up to 6 weeks. A typical solution takes 3 to 6 months to develop and depends on many factors. It usually takes about 6-8 months to prepare a SaaS product with all necessary external integrations. The time to develop a specific technology or R&D challenge is determined on a case-by-case basis. The budget for projects without an R&D component is based on the estimated engineers’ working time, material costs plus ‘competency bonus’ and can be defined in advance – before the start of the project.


    Our clients expect us to advise on vital topics, so confidentiality is our routine. We start planning the roadmap for our cooperation after the first meeting, so we will probably want to discuss the assumptions of the contract not long after. When necessary we will exchange e-mails with your legal department. For orders, confirmations of milestones, protocols, invoices, etc. we will adjust to the standards of your organization, while trying hard to reduce the level of bureaucracy.

    Proof of Concept / MVP / Prototype

    If there are uncertainties in your project that make you feel insecure, it is better to start with a quick prototype solution. It will consist of the necessary functionalities that will prove that the overall concept works and is properly designed. Depending on the type of challenge, this initial phase can last from two to six weeks and is an invaluable source of knowledge about potential obstacles, barriers and limitations, so they can be avoided in the final solution and – in result – save the time and budget.

    Begin the project

    Provide us with the sentence or two on your project, we will quickly get back to you. Send the specification and we will estimate the value and necessary time of development.

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