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    Warsaw, Poland

    Win with your disruptive ideas!

    We crave to listen about your extraordinary innovative concepts. With over ten years of our experience in R&D projects in software and hardware, failure is not an option. After research the idea foundations and outcomes we ensure it materializes as a success.

    Become an innovation leader

    Technology is not a must to win a business battle unless there are processes that can be shortened, automated or eliminated. Be the first to deal with them or see competitive, tech-savvy companies overtake you.

    Understand opportunities

    Fundamental change is risky. Before implementing a large, expensive system, it’s worth to tackle specific challenges with quick ‘proofs of concept’ based on predefined, easily adjustable solutions, at a fraction of the costs. In a world of frequent alterations, you’d probably prefer to know if your idea is working well before making a big decision.

    Secure progress path

    When your company’s IT is overloaded and you have no chance to try out new ideas, introduce us to the responsible technical person. Together we will find a favorable solution for quickly perform your extra concepts and build a mutual trust faster as a result.

    ‘Quicker-to-market’ in the same budget

    Entrust us with the technical side of your digital project and observe how it appears on the market in no time. With ‘continuous development’ approach, agile engineering techniques and advanced programming, the same objectives can be achieved much faster in the same budget.

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