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    Warsaw, Poland

    Our flagship story

    Frisco.pl is the largest and most advanced e-grocery store in Poland. Over the past decade, together with Frisco’s commercial and in-house IT team, we have created a unique and competitive online store with advanced mechanics, smoothly responding to business needs. The innovative strategy of technological development, adopted in 2014, resulted in a year-on-year increase in sales by 30%, with an exceptional result in the pandemic year 2020 – an increase of nearly 50% – up to EUR 50 million. And the expansion from the capital to other cities has only just begun.

    Since 2016, we have been maintaining and constantly developing a flexible, reactive frontend, the architecture of which allows you to build and modify functionalities within days or weeks, and thus quickly respond to market changes.

    The willingness to meet business challenges in an innovative way, selection of the appropriate technological strategy and excellent communication are the foundations of Frisco’s success. We are happy and satisfied with the wonderful results of our joint work and the fact that we can continue to participate in their triumphant business march.